Bringing transparency to your world...

Transparent Sky LLC provides a real-time, citywide airborne surveillance capability (like “Google Earth(tm) that moves”) built jointly by Transparent Sky in collaboration with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), for military and commercial use, for example civil law enforcement and natural disaster response.

This unique capability makes “movies” of an entire city-sized area and downloads it to an unlimited number of users while events are happening. Users may manipulate the images as with any map program, zooming in and scrolling around the images. The result is situational awareness for the user on a grand scale.

Applications for this capability are as broad as the user can imagine. Wherever a grander, clearer broader view is required, from surveillance at sports events and inaugurations to border patrol or tracking wildfires, this capability delivers large city-sized area imagery, and at competitive costs. The cost for Transparent Sky to provide unique awareness of what’s happening over an entire city-sized area, is at rates competitive with, if not cheaper than, that of a single police helicopter.

Our system uses high-resolution cameras (25 Mega-pixel) mounted on an aerial platform (Cessna T210) fitted with microwave antennas to send uniquely processed data (using highly optimized software) to the ground-user(s)’s desktop, laptop, or tablet computer, or even to a cell phone.

One aerial platform or several could be used. Transparent Sky currently has only one aircraft available for immediate service. However, if you need additional surveillance, Transparent Sky could custom design and build multiple platforms. Every application requires some level of custom design to fit the customer’s unique needs and may have special regulatory requirements depending upon the particular customer.