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Transparent Sky specializes in a variety of technologies centered around precision imaging systems that work under many types of field conditions. Its main products are Wide Area Motion Imaging (WAMI) systems which create “maps in motion” for applications like traffic analysis and security. WAMI applications include crowd control, traffic studies, forensic crime solving, emergency response, disaster relief, and major events. WAMI systems can also provide dense 3D models, automated tracking of vehicles and people, and superresolved imagery.

Transparent Sky’s inexpensive WAMI is uniquely affordable, reliable and simple to use. It is installed in a user’s aircraft in a very short time (typically less than 1 day for the first installation and less than an hour for subsequent installations). Transparent Sky also offers a solution for small drones. It’s no surprise that Transparent Sky is the leader in small, easy-to-employ WAMI systems, because the founder of the company is the inventor and leader of prior government efforts to build such systems for deployment to the Middle East (with great help from the Los Alamos Lab, Kitware Inc. and the Air Force).

Transparent Sky sells several systems, including WAMI systems as complete units and vehicle gimbal systems. Transparent Sky can also provide services using these systems, and can craft custom systems to fit specific customers.

In addition to WAMI and gimbal systems, Transparent Sky makes many types of related products, including an earth imaging spacecraft, ground-based tracking systems for the military, and systems for inspecting infrastructure such as life-critical structures and pipelines.

The video below provides an overview of Transparent Sky's basic WAMI capability:

Transparent Sky's efforts cover a very wide scope in spite of the company's diminutive size. The video below give a general idea of its work in areas directly related to WAMI systems. Other activities include building an earth imaging spacecraft, as well as design/build/test of systems for vehicle and drone-based use by the military and industry.