WAMICamâ„¢-D - Drone capable WAMI system

If you are constrained by budget, people, and schedule, Transparent Sky's small Drone WAMI system may be exactly what you need. The first model, available in 1Q 2017 flies on an Octorotor drone and comes complete with all necessary hardware to put it into immediate use and generate/distribute the necessary ground-based imagery. Using a system like the WAMICam-D, organizers could quickly and easily secure and manage a stadium event, a worksite, or a VIP visit.

WAMICamâ„¢-D will represent the lowest cost possible to get into the world of Wide Area Motion Imaging, will require very little training and very limited crew to operate. It can literally be kept "in the box" and used on demand. Please talk to us if this new, highly available option can be of use to you.