Transparent Sky's primary product is the first convenient, affordable, and easily usable Wide Area Motion Imaging (WAMI) system for use by state/local governments as well as private entities. WAMICam™ is unique in its simplicity, greatly reducing the cost and preparation required to provide WAMI information. It can often be installed in a temporary manner an aircraft in less than a day without complex certification, and it can be operated by an aircrew with only a few hours of training.

Surveillance of Very Large Urban Areas:
WAMICam™ offers real-time situational awareness of city and street-level events. WAMICam™ is a highly-portable, easy to integrate system that can be quickly mounted on an airplane or helicopter to cover areas of several square miles.
WAMICam™ Features:

WAMICam™-I Plus

WAMICam™-I Plus has all of the same features as the WAMICam™-I and also adds a secondary gimbal for a "vectorable" narrow field (high telephoto) camera, similar to those used by police or news helicopters today. This secondary gimbal can hold a visible camera, an infrared night vision system, or both capabilities.