Instant awareness...

Safety, security, certainty ... Do you need to know what's happening on a large scale? Do you need to know what's happening one block away right now? How are crowds flowing into the stadium? Where did the thieves come from?

Transparent sky completely changes the way that you can understand the world around you. An aircraft circles over an area while taking very high resolution photos at a rate of once per second or faster. These images are then mapped to the earth pixel-by-pixel, resulting in a map of an area covering about 2 square miles in which you can see cars, people or any other items of interest as they move. In short, the entire 3D scene is recorded and made viewable while it is happening, and an unlimited number of authorized users can see it either live or after the fact.

Uses include:

These services are surprisingly affordable and available on-call, complete with the necessary ground station capabilities to make the images available live.

Transparent Sky can also sell capabilities for under $100K that will get you going right away. These systems can be mounted on a helicopter, airplane or UAV.